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Online shoppers want to know where the best websites offering instant health insurance quotes from several well rated carriers can be found. You can find them with us.

In response to consumer demand, we have developed an insurance agency that operates in two worlds; the real and the virtual. Shoppers can explore plans with or without our help, but we are always available for consult.

Our Virtual Health Insurance Offerings

We created a web-page where consumers can anonymously run personal health insurance quotes without divulging any of their personal information. For those who may not wish to speak with an agent, they can compare and research plans from several carriers.

Our carrier approved websites have grown in sophistication. Not only can shoppers view quotes, but they can also find if their doctors are in network. Additionally, consumers can download brochures and even submit an online application should they find a suitable plan.

All of this is done without incurring any additional expenses whatsoever. Health insurance prices are controlled by law, therefore no agent or agency can undercut the insurer. Applicants are able to buy direct through our portals.

It is important to build trust in the online world, so we are also registered and highly accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This way, consumers can be confident that they are working with a reputable agency – not some fly by night marketing firm.

Our Real World Health Insurance Agency

In spite of the proliferation of online services, there will always be the need for human interaction. Unless consumers are well versed in the significant differences between insurance plans and coverage, it is always best to talk with an expert.

All plans are not created equal and coverages will differ from insurer to insurer. Even though consumers can view quotes side by side from competing companies, the insurance coverage may be significantly different. And optional riders like maternity, dental, vision, and life will always differ between companies.

Additionally, when the consumer wants to make changes to their policy or investigate coverages with alternative carriers – then their  brick and mortar agency is available to them. Waiting on hold for 20 minutes to make a simple change is no longer a problem. Questions can be answered with a quick phone call and life changes can be discussed with a trusted advisor. Relationships will always matter in the real world – especially when complex insurance policies are the topic of discussion.

In summary, Hyers and Associates works in both the real and virtual worlds in order to provide the information and assistance consumers desire. Applications can be completed on paper or by using online software. Either way, we strive to make the health insurance shopping and buying experience a pleasant and hassle free process. Currently we are offering health insurance in several states both on and off the exchange. 

Contact us for more information and quotes today.

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