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Cigna Dental InsuranceCigna offers three dental insurance plans to choose from. One is geared toward preventive care and the other two are more comprehensive with larger yearly maximums.

All three are PPO policies that allow you to use any of their 93,000 network providers. Additionally, those who previously had 12 months of consecutive coverage can avoid waiting periods on most services. Click the “Get Quotes” box on the right sidebar to compare plans and enroll today.

Cleanings, Basic and Major Services

There are three plans to choose from in most areas. All three cover preventive dental care like cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatment. The other two (Cigna 1000 & Cigna 1500 plans) cover Basic and Major Services. The 1500 plan is the most comprehensive and also covers Orthodontia.

Other than Orthodontia, the primary difference with the 1500 plan is the calendar year maximum is $1,500 as opposed to $1,000. Cost sharing on both plans is 20% for Basic Services and 50% for Major Services. Listed below are the common services you can expect to be covered.

  • Preventive & Diagnostic Coverage: Oral exams, routine cleanings, x-rays, sealants, fluoride treatment, space maintainers
  • Class II and III Coverage: Periodontics, x-rays, crowns, root canals, tooth extraction, dentures, partials, bridges
  • Class IV: Orthodontics, braces (only covered under the 1500 plan)

More details are available in the Cigna Dental brochure.

Who Is Eligible For Dental Coverage?

Anyone can purchase a Cigna dental plan! Coverage is available for children only, individuals, families and for those over age 65. Please contact us if you’re interested in a group employer based plan.

A 15% discount on monthly premiums is available when additional family members are added to a plan. There are no application or processing fees. You are enrolling direct. No referrals are needed to see a specialist and there are nearly 200,000 offices across the country accepting this coverage.

At this time, Cigna is not offering vision insurance, but we can help you with several other like UHC & VSP.

Are There Waiting Periods?

When you purchase a Cigna dental plan, coverage will begin on the first of the next month. For Example:  A plan purchased on June 15th would be effective July 1.

If you’ve had dental insurance for 12 consecutive months prior to enrolling, any waiting periods will be waived for basic and major services. This is a great benefit for those who might be retiring and losing group coverage of some kind.

For all others, there are no waiting periods for basic cleanings. However, there will be a 6 month waiting period for Basic Services (like cavities) and a 12 month waiting period for Major Services (like crowns and root canals). And there is always a 12 month waiting period for orthodontia.

Dental Coverage For Those On Medicare?

You probably know that most Medicare supplement insurance plans do not cover dental and vision insurance. Some Advantage plans do, but not supplements. Cigna dental policies are available on a stand-alone basis to those who are on Medicare and don’t have coverage elsewhere.

If you’ve recently retired and lost a coverage through a group employer plan, then you can avoid any waiting periods. This is a great feature and it’s somewhat unique to Cigna. Most other insurance companies will make you satisfy their waiting periods even if you have no gap in coverage.

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If you’re not sure which Cigna Dental plan is best for you, then please contact us with any questions. We can walk you through your options and help with a no-cost enrollment.

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