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Best One Year Annuity Rates & Policies

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1 year annuityIf you need a one year fixed annuity, we can help. Hyers and Associates is an independent brokerage specializing in annuities of all types. We’ll help you compare the highest rates available.

Many of our clients are looking for short-term policies with fair rates of return. You might be surprised to know that many of these accounts are yielding 2-3X higher that what you might find elsewhere. They are a safe and secure place to invest for a short amount of time.

Great For Existing Annuity Accounts

You might have an existing annuity account that’s come due, but don’t want to lock up your money for 3-5 years while rates are lower. That’s understandable. A one year annuity is a great way to buy time until interest rates are better. In fact, treasury rates are beginning to increase now. It may be wise to wait a year or two before locking in a longer term policy.

We specialize in 1035 tax-free exchange and direct custodial transfers for our clients. There is no charge to use our agency. We’ll help you easily transfer your money from one insurance company to another and lock in the rate and term that best fits your needs. Annuity transfers are a straightforward process.

Banks Are Not Offering High Rates Of Return

If you have money parked at the bank, you know returns are very low. In most cases, the best yields are well below 1%. Those rates won’t help to grow your principal.

And we understand that our clients want their money to be safe, insured and protected from market fluctuations. Fixed annuity accounts check all of those boxes. They are fully insured and 100% safe from stock & bond market volatility. Annuities are considered to be some of the most reliable investments around.

How Would A One Year Annuity Work?

You would commit your funds for one year. The insurance company would offer a fixed rate for that one year and then your money is free and clear. You could reinvest it anywhere you wanted to after 365 days. With most policies, you can withdraw interest monthly, but the principal would stay put. Annuities work very much like Certificates of Deposit offered by banks.

Annuity accounts grow tax-deferred so long as you do not withdraw the interest. When you do withdraw your interest, it would be taxed as ordinary income. You can defer taxes by moving from one annuity to another using a 1035 tax-free exchange as many times as you want. Both pre and post tax funds are accepted by these accounts. (If you’re under 59 1/2, there are other tax considerations for non-qualified deposits.)

There are no fees or commissions that reduce your interest gains or deposit amounts. If you deposit $100,000 at a one year rate of 1.50%, then the account will be worth $101,500 at the end of the one year term. There’s very little to worry about.

Want To Know More About Fixed Annuities?

There’s more to know and like about fixed accounts. Whether you’re interested in a one year short term plan or a policy for several years, we can help. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each to make sure an annuity account is a good fit for the money you want to keep safe, secure and growing.

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Last updated on March 30th, 2022