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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health Insurance Options

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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers several comprehensive health insurance plans in the individual, family and group marketplaces. We work direct with Anthem to provide those quotes to our clients – both on and off of the federal exchange.

While Anthem may be more well known for their employer sponsored plans, medical coverage for individuals and families is also prominent in Ohio.  Recently, Anthem has introduced a new portfolio of plans for individuals and families offering a wide array of coverage choices.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Health Insurance Plan Choices

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  • Short Term Insurance
  • Popular Maternity Plans
  • Great Preventive Care
  • HSA and Dental Insurance
  • Copay and Coinsurance Options

Offerings from Anthem are extensive in all markets. They offer comprehensive coverage through their Bronze, Silver & Gold plans as well as their HSA plans.

By law, preventive care is included in all plans and is not subject to the deductible.  Insureds can visit their regular physician and/or OBGYN yearly without significant out of pocket.

Ohio Anthem Maternity Insurance Coverage

By law, all plans include maternity coverage with no waiting periods.  Plans must be purchased during open enrollment or if you are experiencing a qualifying life event.  There are no special deductible for maternity coverage any longer.

All coverages offer an unlimited lifetime maximum of benefits as mandated by law.  Prescription drug coverage is available as a first dollar benefit as well as a benefit that would begin after the deductible has been reached – such as with an HSA plan.  Additionally, dental and life insurance riders can be added to any plan.  Groups can add life insurance, vision, and accidental death and dismemberment riders.

Anthem’s Competitive Niche

Anthem is competitive across the board – especially for those who desire comprehensive coverage.  Small groups will also find premiums to be competitive.  The network is vast and nationwide.  Frequent out of state travelers can benefit from such a large network.  The preventive care benefit follows the recommendations of the American Medical Association and is thus quite good.

Unlike some insurers, underwriting is offered on either an accept or decline basis.  There are several premium bands for consumers depending on their health status, but coverage for preexisting conditions will not be excluded from the policy for any longer than twelve months.

In summary, Anthem is a well known insurer offering medical insurance in all markets.  They are competitively priced with a large nationwide network of doctors and hospitals.  Preventive care benefits are robust and maternity coverage is very reasonably priced when added to an HSA qualified policy.

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Last updated on September 5th, 2017