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Short Term Annuity Accounts

Fixed annuities are hot investments right now and for good reason. They offer guaranteed fixed rates, competitive returns, and are also incredibly safe investments. Choosing the best fixed annuity at the right time maximizes growth and income. Currently, short-term annuity accounts offer some of the highest returns seen in decades. This is great for investors [...]

Annuity Accounts: Simple Vs Compound Interest

There are several ways to maximize your fixed annuity policy for growth and income. It's important to select the right type of account based on your financial needs. First, you should know that fixed annuities can credit interest in two different ways. Most grow through compounding interest, but there are some that credit simple interest [...]

2023 Wellcare Part D Drug Insurance

If you're shopping for a Medicare Part Prescription Drug plan, Wellcare is often a suitable choice. For 2023, they are offering three plans with various benefits and cost-sharing. From lowest to highest monthly premiums, those three plans are the Wellcare Value Script, Classic, and Value Plus PDP. Using our software, you can compare all three [...]

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Last updated on February 20th, 2023