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National General Insurance Coverage

Our independent agency offers dental, critical illness, accident, fixed benefit, cancer, heart attack and stroke coverage from Assurant Health. As of June 12, 2015 Assurant Health no longer offers individual, family or group health insurance products.

Assurant Health Dental, Fixed Benefit & Ancillary Insurance Quotes

National General Policies

  • Guaranteed Issue Short Term
  • Uses The Aetna Network
  • Nationwide Networks
  • Add-On Supplemental
  • No Underwriting Options

Dental Insurance Coverage From Assurant Health


There are three dental plans available for purchase from Assurant Health in most areas of the country. These are non-network dental insurance policies that allow the insured to see any doctor they wish. These are reimbursement plans that will pay the insured based on the policy limits.

There is no medical underwriting, but policy benefits for basic care (fillings) and major services (root canals, etc.) are reduced in the first calendar year. There is no waiting period for preventive services like routine cleanings. Orthodontics are covered, but subject to a 180 day waiting period on the most comprehensive plan.

Fixed Benefit Reimbursement Coverage For Accidents

There are two types of accidental fixed benefit coverage offered from Assurant. Policy owners can tailor the plan to best fit their needs and budget. Persons with high deductible (health savings account qualified coverage) health insurance plans with significant out of pocket will choose these coverages to provide stability and peace of mind. These types of plans pay cash and help to reimburse the costs of accidents that might otherwise be subject to a large deductible.

Fixed-benefit plans are ideal for those who need to bridge gaps in family plans with large deductibles over $10,000 or more. This coverage can help cover sports injuries and work related items that might otherwise cause financial hardship. They can also help to keep overall health insurance premiums lower by allowing the insured to save money with a high deductible plan.

Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke & Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

Critical illness insurance plans will typically pay the insured a fixed sum should they have a heart attack, cancer, stroke or other critical illness. This can be a very valuable benefit in a time of need and can help to buy time while the insured recovers.

Benefit amounts will range from $20,000 to $75,000 and will be payable at first diagnosis. The cash these policies provide can be used for anything the insured desires. There are no restrictions on its usage. Medical underwriting is required to enroll in a critical illness policy. All who apply may not be accepted.

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We are a full service health insurance agency and we can help you enroll direct in the health plan that best fits your needs and budget. We offer coverage both on and off the exchange from Assurant as well as several other carriers.

Click on the Assurant logo at the top of this page or request assistance using one of our inquiry links and we will help you navigate the complex world of health care reform.