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As the race for Governor heats up in Ohio, there is some tough talk from both camps on the need to get Ohioans insured. In our mind, it is doubtful that health insurance will become mandatory or that our state government will subsidize plans anytime soon, but opening a dialogue on this important topic is …

October 20, 2006

Category: Health Insurance, Health Savings Accounts


You may need short term health insurance coverage in Ohio for any number or reasons. You might be between jobs, laid off, a recent college graduate, waiting for employer coverage to begin, outside of Open Enrollment, a seasonal employee or looking for a lower cost alternative to COBRA. We can help. There are several companies …

September 22, 2006

Category: Health Insurance


This is the official introduction of the Ohio Insurance Plan blog. This will be a place designed for consumers and insurance professionals to exchange information regarding trends in the industry. Enjoy and happy blogging!

-H.A.A.  Staff

June 22, 2006

Category: General Insurance