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Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes

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Manhattan Life Insurance Company offer many types of policies, but may be best known for affordable Medicare supplement insurance coverage. Plans offered include A, B, C, D, F, G and N. They have recently lowered Plan G & N rates becoming one of the most competitive providers in many states.

In most states, policies are issued on an attained age basis. Renewals for existing policyholders have been below average in many areas. We can help you compare rates and enroll direct with this popular carrier.
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Medigap Spousal Discounts and Monthly Premiums

If both spouses apply together and are approved for coverage, then each will receive a 7% discount off of their regular premium. This discount will stay in force so long as both husband and wife are insured together. In some states only one spouse needs to apply with Manhattan Life in order tor receive the 7% discount.

Monthly premiums are determined by age, gender and your zip code of residence. Unless you are applying during a period of guaranteed issue, then you will be rated up for tobacco use. Those who use no forms of tobacco will receive the best rates.

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Insurance Underwriting

If you are applying during a period of guaranteed issue, then you do not need to answer any of the health questions. If not, then there are a handful of yes/no questions that need to be answered. (Typically a phone interview will be part of the underwriting process as well.)

The application questions are commonly referred to as “knockout questions” and if any one of them is answered yes, then you will not be eligible for coverage. You will not need to take a physical however.

Medicare Supplement Application Process

There are two ways to enroll in a Medicare supplement with Manhattan Life. If you prefer, we can send you an application via email or regular mail. Once it is completed, you can send it back to us using email, by fax, or through regular mail. We will then send it off to the home office for processing and underwriting if any is needed.

Manhattan Life will also accept applications taken over the phone by your agent. We can fill out the application online while we speak to you. There is no wet signature required. The underwriters will contact you to make sure that all questions have been answered correctly and to verify your enrollment.

Like most Medicare supplement companies, you can have your premiums withdrawn monthly from you bank account. This is the preferred method and assures that your coverage will not lapse should you miss a bill in the mail. Otherwise you can pay by bank check either quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Purchasing Medicare Supplement Insurance

Hyers and Associates is an independent insurance agency offering policies from several different carriers direct to consumer. If you are interested in a Manhattan Life Medicare supplement insurance policy, contact us today!

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