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2010 Update: American Community has been placed into rehabilitation and will no longer be offering individual, family or group health insurance policies in any state. American Community will continue to provide benefits for their in-force policyholders as their financial conditions is being accessed.

As of late December 2009, American Community and the Ohio Department of Insurance entered into an agreement to suspend both individual and group business in all of Ohio. American Community will no longer accept new health insurance applications, but will continue to provide benefits for their in-force policyholders.

Unfortunately, the ramifications of this agreement are one less low cost health insurance provider for the residents of Ohio. Consumers who are in need of medical coverage might now consider Anthem, Aetna, United Healthcare, Assurant Health, or Medical Mutual. While all of these carriers offer a wide range of plans to choose from, there is a little less competition for their services.

In-Force Premiums Could Rise

Another likely outcome of this suspension is a disproportionate increase in premiums for current policy holders.   With no new business coming in from Ohio consumers, there will be less inflow to counter any outgoing claims. While American Community continues to  offer insurance in several other states (Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee and elsewhere) – losing the entire Ohio market should undoubtedly affect the bottom line.

This development does not appear to be a precursor to insolvency, as was the case with TPAC, but it does raise concern for current and future policyholders. Individual and group consumers can always research coverage with a competing carrier if they are worried about American Community as a going concern.

Finding New Health Insurance

As an independent agency offering coverage from several reputable and well rated carriers, we can help those who are in need of health insurance in Ohio and beyond. Whether you are shopping for new coverage or looking to reduce monthly premiums by replacing an older policy – we can help.

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