Dec 13

Two Online Annuity Presentations

Recent market volatility resulting in portfolio declines has once again lead to a demand for safe, insured  investments. With so many investment options available, many conservative minded consumers want accounts that guarantee principal, investment growth and/or lifetime income. We assist retirees who are in search of  a safe place to  invest retirement portfolios, IRA’s, 403(b)’s and 401(k)’s and cash.

Online Annuity Education

As oppose to writing another article on the merits of safe annuity investing, we have created two presentations (posted below) where consumers can obtain an in depth annuity education. It is past time to debunk the myths and misinformation spread investment advisers who have lost significant wealth for their clients. The overall stock and bond markets have been in disarray for nearly a decade while fixed and indexed annuity accounts have safely and reliably increased in value.

Annuity Accounts Explained

Online Annuity EducationOur first presentation entitled “Consumer Annuity Boot Camp” will discuss the differences between qualified and non-qualified accounts. From there, we offer a closer look into the types of annuity policies on the market today. We explain the differences between fixed, immediate and indexed policies. By viewing this presentation consumers can determine which annuity policy may best fit their overall investment objectives.

Fixed Indexed Annuity Accounts Explained

Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity PresentationOur second online presentation provides a detailed description of equity indexed annuity accounts. Topics include interest crediting examples, growth illustrations and an explanation of the mechanics associated with an indexed account. Consumers who wish for better potential growth than a traditional fixed annuity will benefit from viewing this presentation. Indexed accounts can be a viable alternative to stock and bond market investing.

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