Ohio Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Using our independent agency, you can compare Ohio Medicare supplement insurance plans and quotes online and hassle free. We offer the lowest priced Medicare supplemental policies direct to you from the top rated Medigap insurance providers.

We are licensed with several insurance carriers allowing our clients to view the direct rates of many polices online. You can compare rates side by side and enroll quickly and easily in the supplemental plan the best suits your needs.

Compare Ohio Medicare Supplements From Multiple Providers

The advantage of using an independent agency like ours is that it allows you to compare Medicare supplement quotes from several carriers at once without the hassle of contacting many different companies or agents.

We represent Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, American Continental, Central States Indemnity, Cigna, Equitable, Humana, IAC, Manhattan Life, Medical Mutual, Medico, Mutual of Omaha, Shenandoah Life, Standard Life and Accident, Transamerica, United American, United Healthcare AARP and many others.

In fact, Aetna just decreased their Plan G rates in Ohio by 20%. They are now very competitive for Plan G – especially if you qualify for their 7% household discount. Your zip code and age will help determine your best options.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans In Ohio To Consider

Ohio Medicare Supplement InsuranceCurrently, there are ten modernized plans – A through N. Plan A covers only basic benefits while Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage.

Plans B through M offer varying benefit amounts to the insured. Plan premiums increase as you move from A to F. (View Benefit Chart)

In Ohio, Plans F , G  and N are three of the most popular supplemental plans. Plan F is the most comprehensive policy available and covers all of the gaps left by Medicare Parts A & B. Plans G and N cost less and both have very small coverage gaps. Our clients ask about these three plans the most.

Plans C, D & M are also good choices depending on the benefits that are most important to you – and also depending on your monthly insurance budget. We can help you better understand the nuances that make each plan a little unique.

Additionally, some insurance providers offer a High Deductible Plan F Medicare supplement. High Deductible Plan F only provides coverage once the annual deductible has been met, but the premiums are usually very affordable. In 2016, you will need to reach a $2,180 deductible first before any gap coverage would begin. Medicare Parts A and B will always pay its share first however.

Medicare Insurance For Those Under Age 65 in Ohio

If you are under age 65 and eligible for Medicare due to disability, we are only aware of one company offering one Medicare supplement policy. It’s Plan A and it costs approximately $425 a month.

In most cases, our clients under age 65 look to and benefit from Medicare Advantage plans. We can help you compare the benefits and rates with these plans. They do work differently than Original Medicare, but here in Ohio, they can be one of your only (and best) options when you are under age 65 and Medicare eligible.

Calculating Medicare Supplement Rates & Financial Assistance

Many consumers purchase Medigap plans to provide themselves with more health care coverage and less out of pocket expenses to health care facilities. Some of the factors that will determine the cost of your plan include: age, gender, location, the chosen insurance company, marital status, and the plan selected.

It is important to find out if you are a “Qualified Medicare Beneficiary.” If your income is at or below 100% of the federal poverty level, your insurance plans may be subsidized by the government. You may also be eligible for Medicaid assistance as well.

Our clients usually choose a plan based on the amount of annual out-of-pocket and monthly premiums they are most comfortable with. There is a modernized chart that can be viewed by clicking on the Ohio Department of Insurance “consumer publications” link for Medigap policies.

The chart has a detailed explanation of the different plans and what they cover. We can also outline the cost and benefit description of each plan with several insurance carriers.

All supplemental policies are “guaranteed renewable,” which means as long as you pay your premiums each year, the insurance company cannot cancel your coverage for any reason. Insurance companies can raise your rates each year, which is why consumers shop online with us for better rates. It’s important to note that you cannot be singled out for rate increase however.

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Plans In Ohio

We offer Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage direct from AARP United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Coventry First Health, SilverScript and Humana (to name a few). All companies offer varying levels of prescription drug coverage and we will work to find the plan most suitable for your rx needs.

The most inexpensive Part D plan in Ohio for 2016 is the Humana Walmart policy. It costs $18.40 per month and can be a very good option for those on a few generics or no rx’s at all. The SilverScript Choice plan is popular as it only costs $19.60 per month and has no deductible. We can help you compare both.

All Part D plans offer competitive premiums and copay options while covering almost all of the most common medications. All plans offer a nationwide pharmacy network and a mail order option for quick and reliable access to prescription Part D approved drugs.

We will be happy to help you find an rx plan tailored to cover your prescription needs whether through us or through other available options.

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For further information about supplemental insurance please refer to the “Shopper’s Guide to Medicare Supplement Insurance Options and Part D” provided by The Ohio Department of Insurance.