Fixed Annuity Rates & Quotes

We offer fixed annuity rates, quotes and illustrations from several carriers. With our independent agency, you can compare current interest rates and invest direct in annuities with the best yields and returns. View our most popular tax-deferred and income generating annuity accounts below.

Compare Current Fixed Annuity Rates, Yields & Returns

Insurance Company Annuity (Years) Annual Yield Deposit Amount Quote Request
Sentinel Life 10 3.55% $5K Request Info
Guggenheim Life 9 3.20% $250K Request Info
Guggenheim Life 8 3.10% $250K Request Info
Sentinel Life 7 3.25% $5K Request Info
Guggenheim Life 6 2.90% $250K Request Info
Sentinel Life 5 3.15% $5K Request Info
Oxford Life 4 2.30% $5K Request Info
Oxford Life 3 2.00% $5K Request Info
Employees Life 2 1.75% $5k Request Info
Employees Life 1 1.50% $5k Request Info

*Sentinel Life is offering one of our best 5 year annuity accounts at 3.15% for all five years.

Employees Life Insurance Company Annuity Quotes

Term (Years) Annual Yield Minimum Deposit Information
10 3.20% 5k Request Information
5 2.65% 5k Request Information
3 2.00% 5k Request Information
2 1.75% 5k Request Information
1 1.50% 5k Request Information

(Annuity interest rates will vary between states and are subject to change pending company announcement. We update our fixed rates on a regular basis.) If you are thinking that interest rates will increase in the near future, then a 1-3 year annuity might be a good short term option until rates go higher.

Multi-Year Guaranteed Fixed Annuity Accounts

Compare Fixed Annuity RatesFixed annuities come in two forms – MYGA and floating rate. Multi-year guaranteed annuity accounts are the most popular and the most common.

With these investments, your rate is locked in for the duration that you choose. It will neither go up or down. And so long as you do not withdraw your interest, then it will compound each year and no taxes will be due.

Less common are floating rate fixed annuity accounts. Interest rates will fluctuate each year and can decrease to the declared minimum level. Floating rate annuities can be advantageous when interest rates are low, but then rise in the future. As annuity rates have remained low for many year, multi-year accounts are more popular with our clients.

First Year Fixed Annuity Premium Bonuses

Fixed annuity bonuses vary depending on the term of the annuity and are more comon when overall rates are high. Most fixed annuity bonuses will be credited on all deposits in the first year only. The remaining years will be locked in at their declared rate.

Some indexed annuities will provide premium bonuses on all deposits in the first five years, but that is not a common practice with traditional fixed accounts. Indexed annuities are more popular with investors who want gains tied to market performance without the downside risk.

Fixed Annuity Monthly Income & Tax Deferred Accounts

Currently we offer fixed, immediate, indexed, structured sale, and structured settlement annuity rates and quotes from many of the leading insurance carriers. We are constantly licensing with new carriers to offer our clients the best fixed rate of return on their investments.

AIG, Allianz Life, Allstate, American Equity, American General, Aviva, Delaware Life, Equitrust, Employees Life, Genworth, Great American, Guggenheim Life and Annuity Company, ING USA, Jackson National Life, John Hancock, MetLife, Midland National, Minnesota Life, Mutual of Omaha, National Western, North American, New York Life, Oxford Life, Protective Life Corporation, Prudential, Sagicor, Sentinel Life and Transamerica are some of the many carriers we use to offer fixed annuity quotes.

*Annuity interest rates are subject to change. We will update rate changes as soon as we are notified by the insurance company. Not all annuity accounts are available in all states. It is best to speak with one of our licensed insurance agents to learn more about what is available in your area.

*Multi-year fixed annuities provide a guaranteed interest rate for the selected number of years, but the rates are not guaranteed beyond that term and are only as safe as the carrier offering the plan. In most states, annuity accounts are insured up to $250,000.