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December 14, 2010 · Medicare Supplements

Get a Quote »Forethought Life Insurance Company is offering affordable  Medicare supplement coverage in several states across the U.S.   Forethought is well known for the diverse annuity and life products they offer  and they are now  selling supplemental policies through independent agents  in order to expand their portfolio of products.

It is not uncommon to see insurance companies enter the Medicares supplement marketplace after developing a strong track record in other areas first.   Forethought Life carries an A- rating by A.M. Best which translates to an “excellent” rating and has been offering insurance and financial products since 1985.

Medicare Plans Offered by Forethought Life

They offer supplemental insurance plans A, C, F, G, and N in several states and are very well priced in most areas  of Ohio as well as other areas of the country.   There are no network restrictions  with their insurance coverage and no referrals are needed to  use a doctor or hospital.   In this way, they work like all other supplemental insurance plans offered by every other Medigap  insurance carrier.

Underwriting will only be needed for those who are not in a period  of guarantee issue.   If underwriting is required, it simply consists of answering a few health related questions on the application and a short phone interview.   Consumers need not worry about taking a physical with their primary physician to be accepted for coverage.

Combination Final Expense Life  Insurance

One unique attribute with their applications is that final expense life insurance can be added should consumers want or need that financial protection.   Forethought’s premiums are very competitive in the final expense marketplace and can help senior consumers with two needed products at one time.   Of course, there is no obligation whatsoever for those who do not wish to obtain any life coverage.

Forethought Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the larger Forethought Financial Group  and has offices in Indiana and Texas.   Through their subsidiaries, they  engage in banking, trust, and insurance services.   They are best known in the industry for the pre-paid funeral assignment trusts, but they are now becoming very popular for their affordable supplemental plans as well.

Request Medigap Quotes and/or Consultation

If you are new to Medicare or simply shopping around for better rates on your existing coverage, then Forethought should be on your list of companies to research.

It is best to speak with an independent agent who represents several companies in order to compare and contrast claims service, rating, and renewal history.

We are an independent agency offering coverage from several reputable carriers.   Contact Us Today to view quotes and coverage options on your Medicare insurance coverage.

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